Sunday, 9 May 2010

it's been a while......

Obviously, our two month absence has meant our surrogacy journey hit a disappointing and non eventful brick wall.....We had a second surrogate arranged but without elaborating or speculating too much, wasn't suitable to be an SM. Her wall lining after 2 weeks of Progynova didn't manage to develop the thickness of her wall lining and a transfer would not have been viable. We have three "frosties" left to transfer and wanted to make sure that they are able to be in the best possible environment for their development. The good news is that we have another SM. Thailand being Thailand, after all the recent and ongoing political drama's, its an absolute miracle that the agency have managed to find a new SM when the city has been pretty much in lock down. We are looking forward to but apprehensive about the next transfer as they are the last three embies and it would mean having to complete (and pay for...) a whole new egg retrieval, donation, transfer etc.
We leave Hong Kong in July and are moving to Italy. There is something reassuring about Hong Kong and Bangkok being practically neighbors, and the distance between Bangkok and Florence somehow feels worlds apart. So we are hoping to achieve as much as possible (even though none of it is in our hands) before we leave. We have looked into using Dr. Shivani as we have seen and heard so many success stories. If this transfer is not successful, it is certainly a major consideration whether we stick with Thailand or pursue India.

There has been so much amazing news on the blogs and at the same time lots of heartbreak. We have been reading many blogs with anticipation and hope that one day we get the news we have been waiting for.

We'll try and update more regularly but it's been so hard lately to update with any good news. Some "time off" and a refreshed perspective has definitely motivated us to find some optimism in this journey and not to give up hope.