Tuesday, 5 June 2012

We have a heartbeat!

As the title suggests, we are thrilled that today's scan detected a heartbeat!  We are over the moon with this news, and hope that everything remains as boring and normal as possible until the next scan...  Adam is in Shanghai, and I was watching the Queen's Jubilee wave from Buckingham Palace on the news when the email came through.  I burst into tears when I opened the email and read the news, and the silly fool in me thought 'Keep waving Queenie, you've got another Brit on the way!'

We of course remain anxious of being in such 'early days', but excitement is winning out and we really hope our beautiful boy Beau has an equally beautiful brother or sister with us beginning of January 2013.

Will keep you posted whenever we get any more new or updates, and for those who had some spare positive energy, huge thanks, it clearly worked!