Saturday, 22 January 2011

Working out due date!

Hello all, well we are now approaching our 14th or is it 13th week??! We are a bit confused with dates as originally our 40 week due date (which i know in India means nothing as the little ones seem to some whenever they feel ready!) but originally the scans were dating us 13 weeks this tuesday (25/01/11) but the last scan meant we were 14 weeks this Monday (24/01/11) Thats a whole week and a day out!

Is this normal when using frozen embies? We don't really mind as the pregnancy is developing well and BAM is growing with a strong heartbeat. We just want to work out a rough date to book open tickets to Delhi!

So our original due date was 02nd August (40 weeks) so we thought arrival in Delhi on 12th July (37 weeks), but now should we aim to arrive on 04th July with the scan showing a week ahead??

Any help would be greatly appreciated! All the best to those on the same journey as us and we look forward to our paths crossing some point this summer :)

Monday, 17 January 2011

6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks and today we are 12 weeks.....

We've been hiding a huge the title might suggest we are 12 weeks pregnant! We are over the moon and expecting our little one sometime in July! The official due date is August 2nd but we'll be in Delhi around 12th July (37 weeks) and a week off Adam's 30th Birthday...a really cool birthday present or what??!!
As most of you are aware, we had two early miscarriages in Thailand and then a negative in India, so we had our final 3 Frosties and decided for one more go as this entire process is both mentally, physically and financially exhausting and Voila! As many of you have told us before, keep going and it WILL happen!

We wanted to wait till now as we have a good strong heartbeat and the baby is developing well, we've decided to use the name BAM (Baby Adam and Michael, Sorry Will and Michael, it was too good to not use!) for the meantime until the birth.

Our first result on about 16th November showed a good strong beta of 330...followed by the 30th November with a well defined gestational sac, 18th December we had a heartbeat! (whoo hoo!) and then 3rd January 2011 showed a good heartbeat and well developing fetus, we've just our 12 week scan today and here are the pics.....

A massive thank you to SCI healthcare, Dr Shivani, Dr Jolly, Shilpi, Neha and anyone else who has helped us so far on our journey! Roll on 20 odd weeks and a hot summer in India!!!! Whoooooo hooooo!!!