Thursday, 17 March 2011

Our Camera Shy Baby

We just got a couple of 3D scan images emailed from the clinic and we're loving this one that screams 'leave me alone, I'm happy where I am for the next 16 weeks!!!!!!!!' According to Dr Shivani, all results are good and within normal limits and number which is hugely good news. Baby and SM doing well, and us obviously thrilled too!

Can't wait to see the rest of the scan pics when they get posted.

So exciting to see our baby looking like a baby as crazy as that sounds. Taking the usual bets on boy or girl, not that we at all care but time to place your bets.....

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Triple marker test...

Well, firstly the triple marker test came back all ok...which is great! We know it doesn't 100% guarantee the outcome of these tests but were pretty happy with the if you don't know what the triple marker test is, here is Dr. Google's blurb....

Between the 15th and 20th weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers usually are offered a blood test called the multiple marker test. Sometimes called a triple screen or a quad screen, depending on the number of things measured, it also might be done in combination with blood tests and an ultrasound in the first trimester.

For the multiple marker screening, a sample of blood is drawn from the mother to measure the levels of:

hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), which is made by the placenta
estriol, which is made by the placenta and the fetus
alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), which is made by the fetus
Sometimes the level of inhibin-A, which is made by the placenta, also is measured. The levels of these substances can help doctors identify a fetus at risk for certain birth defects, including neural tube defects (like spina bifida) and some chromosomal abnormalities (like Down syndrome).

We are now entering our 20th week based on our first dates given, so 19 full weeks passed so far! We're officially over half way! Hooray!!

I decided to change the blog design as been thinking about the Nationality of our child; although they will be half Indian, they will also be half British too but we will be living in Italy so all a bit confusing for the little tyke! All we know is that it will take us 10-12 weeks to get the british birth certificate and then the british passport and then we are free to live wherever we like to a degree, well as long as Michael's boss keeps him freelance!

So much is changing about Surrogacy in Hong Kong that we worry about returning, as many people are being investigated as it is still illegal to pay for surrogacy in Hong Kong, and only married straight couples can do it at the moment, we were advised to leave India, go to UK first then come back to Hong Kong, but they could still question the mother part on the birth we are still aiming to leave in the next 6-8 weeks and set up home in Italy before picking up our baby in India. All a bit stressful and a lot to do in such little time!

Anyway...good news is BAM is fine and growing well and only about 4 more months to go :)