Tuesday, 28 September 2010


We have just had some news from Dr Shivani. We have the following embryos that will be allowed to culture until tomorrow, so it looks like a transfer might take place any time soon!

10 x 4 cell grade one embryos
2 x 4 cell grade two embryos

This is almost exactly the same number of embryos we had in Thailand, but the quality at this stage is much higher. (We had about 11 embryos, but only a couple were grade one off the top of my head. )

So this all looks very positive and a definite improvement on our last attempt.

All being well, it looks like the joy, angst, optimism and anxiety of the 2WW might very nearly be upon us!!!!!

Will update tomorrow as soon as we know more....

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Egg Collection....

How nice it feels to have some good news for a change!

We have just found out that we have 29 eggs, 26 are mature and all are good quality, horray!

Very much looking forward to Tuesday when we will know how many embryos we might have...

Will update soon....

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Egg Retrieval Day Approaches...

Firstly, MASSIVE congratulations to all of those who have recently welcomed their children into the world there are so many in the last few weeks, and hopefully many more to come. Those of us who are on this journey will hopefully have this joy to come one day soon!

Feeling very lazy on the blogging front, fortunately we are both so busy with work it is a welcome 'mind occupier' and we cannot believe that we are nearly at egg retrieval day! We had a minor delay due to a small medical issue with our ED, but all seems to be resolved and we have been updated that egg retrieval will take place on 25th or 26th September. Absolutely looking forward to finding out all the vital info that follows... and fingers very tightly crossed for some good embryo's!!!!!

We are finding it quite hard to believe that the 2WW might soon be upon us. Thank goodness for a busy workload that will hopefully be a good distraction, although it is impossible not to feel anxious.

Anyone who has read our older posts will know that a huge amount of stress from our previous attempts came from how bad we felt things were handled and information (or lack of it) was passed on. All we can say is that Dr Shivani and her team do an amazing job of keeping us well informed and supported. We never have to ask a question as information flows so freely and clearly you feel you get the answers before needing to ask the question!!! This is the polar opposite of our experience in Thailand, and exceeds our expectations!

Everything feels so much in order and in control, it's actually quite hard to know what to write, especially when there is nothing to complain about (in which case I could have banged on about it all day)!!!!

Will post soon when we have the results of egg collection and fertilization....