Tuesday, 28 September 2010


We have just had some news from Dr Shivani. We have the following embryos that will be allowed to culture until tomorrow, so it looks like a transfer might take place any time soon!

10 x 4 cell grade one embryos
2 x 4 cell grade two embryos

This is almost exactly the same number of embryos we had in Thailand, but the quality at this stage is much higher. (We had about 11 embryos, but only a couple were grade one off the top of my head. )

So this all looks very positive and a definite improvement on our last attempt.

All being well, it looks like the joy, angst, optimism and anxiety of the 2WW might very nearly be upon us!!!!!

Will update tomorrow as soon as we know more....


  1. Actually, we're on the 12 day wait of course, as its 14 day's from collection, wow, 2 days passed already without even thinking about it!!!

  2. That's really great results! Wishing you tons of baby dust!

  3. Soon enough you will be in Delhi writing an update about your new baby. Can't wait!

    Best of luck.

  4. Awesome news. Good luck with the transfer and the 2WW!

  5. awesome! plenty baby dust your way