Saturday, 22 January 2011

Working out due date!

Hello all, well we are now approaching our 14th or is it 13th week??! We are a bit confused with dates as originally our 40 week due date (which i know in India means nothing as the little ones seem to some whenever they feel ready!) but originally the scans were dating us 13 weeks this tuesday (25/01/11) but the last scan meant we were 14 weeks this Monday (24/01/11) Thats a whole week and a day out!

Is this normal when using frozen embies? We don't really mind as the pregnancy is developing well and BAM is growing with a strong heartbeat. We just want to work out a rough date to book open tickets to Delhi!

So our original due date was 02nd August (40 weeks) so we thought arrival in Delhi on 12th July (37 weeks), but now should we aim to arrive on 04th July with the scan showing a week ahead??

Any help would be greatly appreciated! All the best to those on the same journey as us and we look forward to our paths crossing some point this summer :)


  1. try this calculator guys :)

  2. BTW they will probably deliver via c-section at aroud 37-38 weeks i think

  3. Don't go by the gestational age on the scan, go by the amount of weeks you are. Gestational age on scans varies throughout the pregnancy. YOu are 13 weeks, not 14, even if baby is measuring 14 weeks. It is common to measure a week either side of actual number of weeks. You will have more of an idea as baby grows. Looks like baby is doing well and is one week ahead. Plan on delivery at start of 38 weeks, and natural with a singleton, as C-Section is not il fait accompli - quite a few surrogates with SCI deliver naturally. Some surrogates (as in our case) request a C-Section.

    So great to see everything going well. This is just what you want - one baby with no complications. Full steam ahead!!!

  4. By the way, welcome to the 2nd trimester!!!!!
    We paced ahead with our single for all of our pregnancy which was beneficial since she arrived early. Hope for a later delivery and be prepared for an earlier....
    Best wishes.

  5. Congrats guys!
    I used that calculator on the first comment and it gave me a due date about 2 weeks later than the clinic.
    We did a day 5 transfer on the 13/10 and the clinic advises us they will do a C-Section on the 18th June - which will be 38 weeks.
    PS we painted our nursery on the weekend and ordered a cot - it's getting stupidly exciting already!

  6. Thanks for all the info guys and gals! Yes if we stick to the original date of first few scans, our 38 weeks is around 19th July...if we use the calculator it is about 15th July, if we go with latest scan its 4th we'll stick to original date and aim to be in Delhi on 12th July 37 weeks.. :) Timboau are you with SCI too??

  7. Stick to our original date. The calculations tend to get a bit wonky and we had the same issues. What Meg said was more accurate. Just be prepared to drop everything and go early if need be.