Monday, 17 January 2011

6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks and today we are 12 weeks.....

We've been hiding a huge the title might suggest we are 12 weeks pregnant! We are over the moon and expecting our little one sometime in July! The official due date is August 2nd but we'll be in Delhi around 12th July (37 weeks) and a week off Adam's 30th Birthday...a really cool birthday present or what??!!
As most of you are aware, we had two early miscarriages in Thailand and then a negative in India, so we had our final 3 Frosties and decided for one more go as this entire process is both mentally, physically and financially exhausting and Voila! As many of you have told us before, keep going and it WILL happen!

We wanted to wait till now as we have a good strong heartbeat and the baby is developing well, we've decided to use the name BAM (Baby Adam and Michael, Sorry Will and Michael, it was too good to not use!) for the meantime until the birth.

Our first result on about 16th November showed a good strong beta of 330...followed by the 30th November with a well defined gestational sac, 18th December we had a heartbeat! (whoo hoo!) and then 3rd January 2011 showed a good heartbeat and well developing fetus, we've just our 12 week scan today and here are the pics.....

A massive thank you to SCI healthcare, Dr Shivani, Dr Jolly, Shilpi, Neha and anyone else who has helped us so far on our journey! Roll on 20 odd weeks and a hot summer in India!!!! Whoooooo hooooo!!!


  1. Wow congrats guys! 12 weeks is huge!

  2. Well done! We a couple of weeks ahead of you in Thailand, with a due date of June 18th.
    Bloody exciting huh :)

  3. Hey Adam & Michael
    Im so so happy for you guys a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you both
    you guys have been on my mind for months!
    may the next few months pass quickly for you and the joy of you both united with your child be wonderful


  4. Congratulations! I certainly understand keeping things under wraps. Although July is Monsoon season...Mubai gets real bad sometimes, how does Delhi fare?

    Regardless, keep us all posted and here's hoping for a very boring pregnancy.

  5. Thanks guys for your kind words...Yes after the last few disappointments we wanted to be sure this time and wait a bit longer. Its amazing how much BAM has changed in such a short amount of time. I have no idea about monsoon season, we have similar in Hong Kong but I'm guessing Delhi might be a bit worse...any ideas of where to stay in Delhi??

  6. Kaliash castle is great good location to everything you need and the rooms are good
    ask for Javaid Sheikh he is a young guy managing the place and will go out of his way to make everything good for you
    he was my saviour a few times that a cab din not turn up and drove me everywhere

    +(91)-9769650479, 9999770710
    C-154, Nr.gurudwara,Part -1, Greater Kailash, Delhi - 110048

  7. i could not be happier for you!

  8. Congratulations BAM!!! Here's to an uneventful pregnancy!!!


  9. Hi guys - am so happy to hear your news!!!! That is just wonderful!!!! Congratulations!!!! Hoping for a nice quiet pregnancy!!!!!

  10. Congratulations! At first I thought holy sh%t 4 babies, but now I see one beauty and am SO pleased! We are a mere 7 weeks, 5 behind you , maybe our pathes will cross in Delhi!

    FYI: verification word is are debrave for sure

  11. Lovely! This is the second positive blog I read today and it makes my day. So happy for you, congratulations.

  12. I have to say I double-taked on your post when I saw it! So incredibly happy for you guys and sooooo glad you kept the flame alive and tried again. This is huge and such an inspiration for Bill and I. Thank you for posting and keeping us abreast, albeit weeks in to it! But totally understand why you did! Congratulations guys! Just AWESOME!

  13. Thanks everyone for such warm and positive comments. This is a real milestone for us. After 2 miscarriages and a total negative, everything was beginning to take its toll, financially, emotionally and we very nearly decided to hold off another attempt. It felt like the joys belonged to other people and this was an exclusive club that we couldn't quite get membership of!

    I am SO BEYONG GLAD that we didn't give up!!!! When we had disappointments, it's almost hard to hear other people say 'don't give up' as it feels like such an easy things to say but it can't quite lift you out of the anxiety and disappointment you're feeling (and to a degree, self pity). But now I can say that all that disappointment and emptiness feels a million years in the past, it's almost disappeared and the joys, when they do finally come make all the past irrelevant, as hard as it was at the time. And then you realize it's not an empty gesture when people say don't give up as they obviously know how it feels to finally start achieving the dream you set out to, even if it doesn't come to you straight away, and for that, everyone's support is priceless.

    Thanks everyone!

  14. I've been in an internet-free house for the last several day and I've come back online to this wonderful news! SMILES from around the globe. Congrats boys. We can't wait to see your much more frequent updates (hint hint) now that the cat is out of the bag!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

  15. Well done boys, very much love to catch up in Delhi. Ours are due early July so our paths will cross for sure. Am getting excited!!!!!


    p.s love the baby ticker, have to put it on our page as well!

  16. Thanks Philip and Edward! We promise to update more regularly with lots of smooth running baby news!! Philip it'll be great to meet up with our kids :) Very excited for summer indeed :)

    YES get the baby ticker, nice to see it daily!


  17. Oh guys, I just looked at your post again and I'm so happy for you...what an adventure and inspiration. BTW, we are moving forward just like you guys...and yes, we all have the best intentions when we say "keep going" and "don't give up" because we know how it feels. This is a very bonded group of people who understand what we are all going through...whether you have a blog or not...this is super helpful to everyone. Thanks for sharing boys.... ;-) Congratulations...

  18. Talk about disappearing....just wait till they put that little one in your arms. All your troubles just melt away!

    Very happy for you both.