Saturday, 13 February 2010


So far, surrogacy in Thailand cost's the following: (THB = Thai Baht)

Egg Donor Fee: THB90,000

Agency Fee: THB119,000

ICSI Treatment: THB170,000

Surrogate Mother's Pharmaceutical's : THB54,000
(This includes ultrasounds, medicines, hormone injections for the full term of the pregnancy and the preparation of the Egg Donor)

Surrogate Screening and Lab Fees: THB6,800

Initial Compensation for SM: THB15,000
(This is for maternity clothes after 3 months)

Miscellaneous Compensation for SM: THB17,000
This is for any missed employment, transport fees, doctors appointments, child care if needed

Surrogate Fee: THB221,000 (paid in 10 installments)

Multiple Birth: THB37,000 per additional child

Delivery: THB39,000 PLUS US$750 for C Section

Additional freezing of developed embryos:

Storage Container: THB15,000
(plus THB1,400 per embryo frozen)

Total: THB746,000.oo (not including cost of C-Section and freezing embryo's at THB1,400 each)

At todays exchange rate, this is approximately the following:

Great British Pounds: 14,327
Euro: 16,516
US$: 22,483

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