Thursday, 12 May 2011

New Pics Inside and Outside the Belly!!!!!!!

What a great day, we've been sent some photo's of all the action taking place inside and outside the belly :)

Adam was thrilled to know that our lovely SM clearly shares his love of orange (which is especially Tuscan and wouldn't be out of place in our new living room!)

We also got sent a few 3D images, not sure if our baby is blowing outwards or just has ENORMOUS cheeks!!!!! Guesses on boy or girl are most welcome. We're still quite undecided. It's amazing how much he/she seems to have changed and developed from the previous 3D scan, although in the previous scans our baby seems to cover their face in a "leave me alone, no pictures please" kind of way so it was hard to tell quite what they look like anyway.

But all we can be grateful and happy for right now is that, after our SM's recent and unfortunate week in hospital, all is now better, she is perfectly healthy and recovered and our baby appears to be doing just fine! Add all this to the lovely sunny weather we have here today and life couldn't be much better!!!!

So it looks like the next time we see his/her face, they will be in our arms.

'La Dolce Vita' all round I say :)


  1. That is one sweet looking baby! Congrats guys.

  2. Those cheeks are all cubby fat goodness, no air in there to blow out. Toby had big old fat chubbers, in the womb and out.

    Lola, L-l-l-l-l Lola, I vote for ah-Lola,

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!!! I am thinking a little man. :)

  4. Came across your blog cause I was lurking you on Facebook. I'm now a follower :) It's a brilliant idea- a great way to document your journey and keep everyone posted! I vote Lyla for a girl!... since Lola means grandmother in Spanish and Tagalog ;) 71 days to go!!! Woohoo!! All the best, Kristina xxx

  5. Not long now before you get to see those cheeks!! WOW! Isn't it just amazing, and seeing the belly pics and 3D pics makes it so super real!!!

  6. Thanks for all your great comments...can't believe how quickly the time is going now and so much more still to do!! We think we are narrowing the names now and have two of each saved for the day, so we can meet our baby first before naming them! Still have no idea if boy or girl as some pics make them look more like a boy and some more like a girl! Oh well not long now....kerrie and mark, congrats to you too, your pics are awesome...the belly pics are wonderful too! when is your little one due??

  7. very cool you guys! can't wait to see the pics of the little guy/girl outside the belly. be well...