Saturday, 9 April 2011

12 Year Anniversary

Yesterday was our 12 year anniversary since the day we met at 'One Pound a Pint Night' at our local nightclub (praise be that pound a pint nights don't really exist in Hong Kong, where 'happy hour' prices are still eye-warteringly expensive and hardly any cause to be happy!!!).

It's a lovely thought that we met in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, and we will be having our baby in the Year of the Rabbit too! (Cue cheesey music: Lion King 'Circle of Life'). In Chinese Astrology, the Rabbit Year is one of the more home-centred gentle signs which sounds perfect to us.

When we tell people that we've been together 12 years, people are 'wow, that's ages' but to us, it's gone in a flash, we could write a massive list of all the great things we've done together, the highs and the not so highs, and the many times we spoke about how great it would be to have a baby and a family of our own, so it's a brilliant thought that all the talk is actually coming to realization!

3 weeks today we'll be leaving on our new adventure, wondering what the next 12 years might bring...


  1. Happy 12 years! Paul and me met 12 years ago in March! Who knows what the next 12 years will bring you but I know for sure diapers are in your next year! Best to you both!

  2. Cheers on twelve years men! Tell us how you met!

  3. Hey guys happy anniversary!!! Ours is tomorrow, but 11 years... Here's to many more!!!

  4. Happy 12th Paul and Edward and Happy 11th Will and Michael and Happy 9th Jeff and Kevin :) If only we knew someone celebrating their 10th anniversary to squeeze into this merry group of celebratees...

  5. WE just celebrated 15 in February! Got you all beat....except in the kid department! ha! soon soon..I know. Congrats everyone and I cannot believe that you guys will be back in India in three weeks. Where did the time go??

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