Sunday, 3 April 2011

A moment of calm (and boredom)

Feeling at a bit of a lose end today, yesterday our apartment in Hong Kong was emptied, all our shipping got packed and sent off for shipment to Italy. We don't leave Hong Kong until the end of this month, living with a bed, TV and a sofa and 2 suitcases of clothes. All our lovely baby clothes and accessories will be on the seas soon, so I can't go and take an occasional peek in the wardrobe and have a broody baby moment looking at all the things getting excited to think how fantastic it will be when our baby is actually in our arms. At the same time, all the kitchen accessories have gone so we have no alternative but to eat out for 4 weeks which is a joy!!!!

For both of us, work has gone from being stress-filled hectic mentalism (actually, a fantastic way to keep us occupied) and suddenly gone remarkably calm, making the counting of days much longer. Our 'to-do-list' to get ready for our move to Italy is getting much shorter and more manageable, and I have an awkward feeling that this month is really going to drag.

Our most exciting achievement was taking our dogs to the vets to get them vaccinated up to the eyeballs ready to take them with us to Italy. I kind of get the impression, as much as I tell them how wonderful it will be to have their walks in beautiful Florentine Piazzas rather than Hong Kong back streets, they're not really listening or appreciative of the impact of the move :)

More so, the rules on transporting dogs on Lufthansa mean the dog must be able to lie down flat, turn around, stretch out and not touch the sides of the container.... so I guess our dogs will really be travelling First Class, shame they don't apply the same rules to human cargo in Economy!!!!!!!!

Hoping to get the rest of our 3D scan pics in a couple of weeks so will post these then, in the meantime, back to boredom but the excitement of dreaming of our family together in Italy..........


  1. Enjoy your month of eating out. Soon enough that will be a giant project! :-)
    Could be worse places to be shipping all your treasures! Best of luck and joy!

  2. Cheers for the message! We will savor every moment of doing all the things that will be once-in-a-blue-moon opportunities from mid-July!

    Best wishes to you both and the girls :)

  3. Boy you guys got a lot on your plate.

    I told our dog tonight, she better not get sick cause with 2 more on the way we can't afford her and may have to just take her back to the farm if she does. LOL Lucky for her she is so darn cute!

    Best of luck with the move, better now then in 4 months.

  4. you know you guys give us hope. Thanks for sharing and good luck with everything ahead...!

  5. Boredom is good, you want boredom. Happy moving, what a great start to your new life with your beloved baby. Life is good.