Monday, 18 April 2011

26th Week!

As the scan report that came through suggests, we are 25weeks and 6 days! However, by initial calculations we should be 25 weeks and a day, so not that far off....

No face shots on the ultrasound or images that make us go 'ahhhhhh', just a selection of 'I'm not quite sure what part we're looking at' pictures (very similar to the Rachel situation in 'Friends') that far more importantly help Dr Jolly tell us that our baby and SM are both doing very well and things are exactly how they should be. What more can we ask for!!!

It's such a wonderful update from Delhi in a week where we're so focused on (and impatient to be) leaving Hong Kong in a matter of days, knowing that we couldn't be asking for better news from Dr Shivani and Dr Jolly as we are about to make a bold leap into the unknown in preparing our new life in Italy for us and our baby.

Because us and our fellow Brits have to spend (by comparison) longer than most in Delhi due to citizenship laws and passport issues, at first the thought of three months in Delhi felt a little problematic on so many fronts. But now we are lucky enough to have found (through genuine support from one of our employers) a "live in Delhi, enjoy being parents and send a bit of work via email now and again' solution that lets us relax and really look forward to and embrace our time in India without the pressures of returning to work, losing salary and feeing under the pressure of time.

We're both so happy that after all the time our baby has spent with our wonderful SM in Delhi, we also get to enjoy spending three months in a country that we will forever be indebted to.

Who could ask for more?


  1. Everything sounds excellent. We will be sending positive energy toward your SM and baby! Be prepared for some hot and humid weather when you get here!

  2. Thank's for the positive energy!!! Sending exactly the same back to you guys!!!! :)

    It's starting to get sticky, horrible, hot and humid here in HK so we're getting in good practice ready for the sweltering Delhi summer months.

  3. i'm so glad to hear things are working out for you and it's all so exciting. three months in delhi with your baby - unforgettable. it's easter time here in the united states. have a happy one there

  4. That's so exciting! You guys are more than halfway there! Thank you for your posts...we are following your journey and wishing you both all the best!!!