Wednesday, 3 March 2010

It's all about the Beta's!!!

So we just had an email yesterday from the Doc in Bangkok about our Beta numbers. The HcG levels are now on 165, which is good for 14 days post transfer. They should be around 5-400+ so progressing well but definitely not a multiple!!! It started on 70 on Monday the first and by wednesday just over double, so we're happy!! Our lovely SM has her scan on 17th March or their abouts , so our baby will be 6 weeks and a day by then. This is when they'll check heart beats, gestational sacs fingers crossed till then!

Its still a shock that we're pregnant and over the moon with all your support and kind wishes. We hope the same for everyone else and have been checking your stories regularly too. So fingers crossed our baby continues to grow stronger and we'll post again soon!!


  1. This is a study about HCG levels that I found interesting.
    165 is a nice solid number. According to this report based on 774 pregnancies, there's still ~15% chance of multiples! :-) Good luck as things progress.

  2. Hi there-

    My name is Adam as well and my partner and I also live in Hong Kong! I just came across your blog as we are just now starting our own surrogacy process. It would be great to meet up and chat sometime. Would you like to get together for a coffee sometime soon?

    Adam 9388-2497 or

  3. Thanks guys! Just so worried when you read about how high everyone else's numbers are!! We just hope that it's all progressing well... another blood test next wednesday so higher numbers hoped for!!! fingers crossed and looking forward to your news too! :)

  4. I think good solid numbers!! Just keep positive.

  5. Great news guys
    hope all goes well and in 9 months your up to your neck in diapers :)


  6. Wow - you're definitely pregnant - great to see the beta doubling as it should ... you've got a baby coming!!!