Monday, 1 March 2010

Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely great news, after a day of stomach-churning waiting (and receiving the news 2 hours later than planned) we received the following sms message from the agency:

'She's not pregnant...(I'm kidding)'

It's quite difficult to see the funny side in that on reflection, as my stomach did perform an impressive somersault when I read the first three words!!!

Phewwwwwwww!!!!!! We are obviously thrilled and can't describe how happy we feel. The hCG level from the blood test was 70, so not as high as people might hope for but certainly not the lowest. The Doctor says that for 12 days post-blastocyst transfer, this is a reasonable average.

12 day post-transfer hCG level for a 3 day old embryo should be between 17-429

For 5 day old blastocyst, 2 days have to be taken off, so the ideal level is 17-147 so we are slap bang in the middle.

Not being the highest or the lowest, and being comfortably in the middle is possibly the best place for us to be... trying to balance the thrill of today's news with the anxiety to come is no mean feat but it's quite difficult to come down from this high!

The SM has another blood test on Wednesday, so everything extremely tightly crossed that the hGC level will double tomorrow then double again on Wednesday.

Time for a beer, cheers!!!!!!!!!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Not sure I can appreciate the 'humor' attempted in the message you received either but glad for you guys that you're now firmly into the next waiting period of a LOOOOONG process.
    Our kids may be born at the same time!!!!!

  2. HUGE CONGRATS!!! This time next year you'll have a 4 month old baby! Time will fly and fingers crossed all goes well from here. So, don't know if there are any good baby shops around where you live, but there's a large (for HK standards) baby shop in Shatin!

  3. Congratulations that is brilliant, fingers crossed for lots of doubling beta HCG's. Enjoy the moment!!!!!

  4. Thanks guys! Yes just need to wait until tomorrow to see if they are progressing nicely! Very happy men today!!! Good luck Guys with everything and we'll be keeping in touch regularly! Edward, how far are you gone? Will when does the ET begin??

  5. ET is due for tomorrow at 0930 am India time. Hopefully in 14 days we will then have similar news!!!