Monday, 15 March 2010

New Surrogate

Thought i'd update everyone as it's been nearly a week.

Not exactly the best week of our lives but we are getting through and found out yesterday that they have found a new SM! This is great news. We were prepared to use the original SM but the Doc in Bangkok advised against it as she produced an antibody which attacks embryo's in her womb. He was suprised that she has a son already as her body produced quite a high level of this antibody. So unfortunately we have to let the first SM go, it's quite a sad choice but we need to carry on and hopefully one day bring home our baby.

The new SM is young (22) has one son already and is ready to start taking Progynova after her next period, so all being well in the next 6 weeks we should have another transfer. It's our last three blastocysts from the previous cycle. We don't know how many will make the thawing process, but its estimated to be 60+% so hopefully 2 will make it!

Great news to all the expectant parents out there! Its great to read your profiles and feel that having a baby and taking it home HAPPENS! fingers crossed to everyone out there and we'll be reading your blogs with anticipation and excitement. I look forward to posting some good news soon :)


  1. Good luck with your new surrogate boys, it will work out for you, just hang in there, I know how you feel but it will be worth it! All the best, will & michael

  2. life has a way of putting things into perspective
    sad that your first try failed but as bad as it may sound the earlier that happens the better,
    i know how it feels to be so close and yet so far away.
    im glad you jumped straight back into it and hope all goes well for you both and also the little one :)
    my thoughts are with you
    best wishes

  3. Yes, it happens, as long as you keep trying, which you are. Best to jump straight back in, even if there is lingering sadness. Good luck from Perth!!!

  4. We're all pulling for you! Best wishes that all the pieces fall into place perfectly this time!
    Best of luck.

  5. Hey Boys! We just found your blog and wish you all the success. We are practically neighbors since our home is in Macau. Our plans to start a family are 12 - 18 months away, but we are interested to follow your story due to the Thai connection (as Charanyoo is Thai). Best of Luck!

  6. Thanks guys!! Were now just waiting to hear from the SM and to time her cycle. As we are using frosties we hope to transfer some time in April! Thomas and Charanyoo if you are ever in HK give us a shout! Hopefully have good news to put on here soon!! x

  7. We are hoping that it all works out for the best and soon you'll be on your way to a successful pregnancy.

    Best wishes!

  8. Happy to hear you've found a new surrogate and I hope she is the lovely lady that will help you to start a family. Warm wishes!