Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Sad news......

We had a very sad, heartbreaking day yesterday. We were waiting for the beta results and first scan to see how many gestational sacs our surrogate would have and unfortunately some time in the last few days our SM miscarried, she hasn't passed on the embryo's yet but they did not continue to grow and her beta level was only 12.

We are extremely upset by the news as we were content with how things were progressing. Its hard to say how it feels to finally get pregnant and lose it so soon. We are being strong and will not give up on our dream of having our own family. We are making plans now for our next transfer as we still have 3 blastocysts frozen and ready. The agency advised us that its the first miscarriage they have had in 50 pregnancies, so they are concerned that it could be to do with our SM rather than the embryo itself. We are waiting to hear off the doctor today to shed any light on what happened. We are not giving up at all.....we have come this far, which I never thought was possible and we'll continue until we take our baby home with us. We want to thank everyone for all your support so far and please keep your thoughts with us as we will hopefully continue our journey soon. Best wishes Adam and Michael x


  1. So sorry to hear guys
    i also had a first failed attempt
    keep strong and dont give up
    it will work


  2. Oh this is just the worst news ever. I am so sorry for you guys. there are so many things I could say about it being good it happened earlier rather than later, but it all hurts just the same.

    Sending you good thoughts, hope and baby dust.

  3. We are so so sorry to hear your news. When I read the heading 'sad news' it made me feel sick. On our last/first attempt we lost our baby at 11 weeks, you never really do get over it you just move on from it. It is all part of our journey in trying to become parents. The more blogs you read the more you will see it is only the very lucky few who get lucky first time.

    Please know that we are thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts.

    Keep blogging and sharing your story it does help and we truly do understand your grief.

    All the best

  4. Adam & Michael - We're so very sorry to read your update.

    Many of us in the world-wide community of IPs have experienced what you are now going through, some multiple times.

    Even though it was an early loss, it's a very real and painful loss nonetheless. Allow yourselves to grieve and move on as swiftly as you can to plan B!

    The risk of grief for miscarriage and trying without success is unfortunate, but we all (especially men) have options to create a family that a generation before us did not. It's a risk worth taking!

    You'll be parents so long as you keep working towards your goal.

    Our thoughts are with you both.

  5. Stay strong boys, I can't imagine how you are feeling right now but stay focused and strong and heres to the next attempt, thinking of you,
    Graham and Alan.