Saturday, 17 July 2010

Bad news again and back to square one... horrible!

As the title suggests, we today received bad news. Although we don't have full details from the Doctor, we just had a message to say that our SM had an ultrasound and the MD says she will definitely have her period any day soon. We don't know if the hCG levels dropped or increased, but can most safely presume that there was no visible gestational sac at 5 weeks and 6 days.

I think we definitely need to look to India, we feel very much in the dark in Thailand and are not sure that it would be wise to continue our journey there.

We blew all of our savings on 2 attempts in Thailand, and now we have to find an affordable way to vigorously pursue our dreams of parenthood. Like anyone, we could save over a few months, but the sense of urgency and desire is far too great.

Does anyone mind letting us know what clinics they are using? We feel the urge to contact clinics as urgently as possible. Any names and contact details would be massively appreciated.

We have to pursue our dream, albeit with a heavy heart from todays very sad news.

If you prefer to send a private email, it's michaelallton at hotmail dot co dot uk (not com dot uk)

Thanks everyone x


  1. so sorry to hear guys
    i have emailed you
    ill help in anyway i can if you need help with India


  2. I'm sure Dr. Shivani will help you guys out. Please give her a try.

  3. Sorry to hear guys it is really hard!!! Sometimes you can only move forward when you have a clear plan... so thinking about your next step is good...

    Let us know if you want information about Rotunda we are more than happy to tell you our experience.

  4. I'm so truly sorry about your bad news. Its really rough to have to go through the highs and lows of the process. If you really want a baby, please don't give up whatever route you choose to go.

  5. We were hoping for a better result along with you. Our sincerest condolences for your loss.
    Fond wishes as you consider your next steps.

  6. Sorry about this news but Amber is right on. Don't give up.

    For India options you should do your own research and choose the clinic you feel is best suited for you. Here is a great link to help you

    the site-owner is unaffiliated with any specific clinic

    Good luck and don't lose hope

  7. OH guys I'm so sorry -- CRAP! We used Rotunda for two attempts and while we did not get pregnant, we were happy with their communication and the way we were treated when in Mumbai. They took our negatives as badly as we took them, so it was nice to know we had someone working hard for us. Hang in there. So, so sorry!

  8. so very sorry. i know the feeling as we are exactly at the same point our selves. strong desires and lack of funds. yuck. please do join us in surrogacy in india. there is so much support here. there's nothing worst than feeling sad and being uninformed. that won't happen here. Dr. Shivani is a blessing. Things will work out, hang in there

  9. As, we don´t have any email to you we try to get into contact by using your blog.

    It would be nice seeing you in Delhi before you leave. Please send us a mail:

    / Fredrik and Robert