Monday, 5 July 2010

Cautiously Pregnant...

FINALLY, some progress and some news to post!!!

Since the first SM miscarried, we have been on an incredibly frustrating journey.... the agency found a 2nd SM, and when it come to the transfer date, for some very odd reason, the Dr in Thailand decided that she was not suitable for transfer as she did not respond to the Progynova. However, this was reassuring that the hospital would not 'waste' valuable embryo's on a transfer they did not feel would result in a viable pregnancy. We then had to wait to find a new SM. Being British, we absolutely needed the agency to find a single or widowed SM, and there are very few in Thailand, so it has taken a long time to find new SM's.

They finally found a 3rd SM who was very keen. However, when it came to transfer date, she said she wanted more money!!! This naturally created huge anxiety, as in one sense, we presume that (as bad as I feel saying this) 90% of the SM's are only doing this for the money. In one sense, we thought 'well it's not much that she's asking for' but the agency encouraged us to wait and find a new SM as although they rarely have any issues with the SM's, they said occasionally they have 1 or 2 who use their pregnancy to extort more cash and paying more cash now would set a dangerous precedent... we decided that it was best to wait for a new SM.

We was quite prepared for a very long wait, and were incredibly surprised when the agency got back that same day and said that they have a new single SM who's period was only days away...

We had a message on Saturday from the agency saying 'Congrats' and the new SM is pregnant!!!!

However exciting, we are trying to be as calm and patient as possible. The agency are TERRIBLE at giving the information everyone expects and deserves. We have been given no hCG level, and calls and emails just don't get us anywhere near the info we need! Her second bloodtest is on Wednesday, so we are (A) hoping the first unknown hCG level was encouragingly high, and that (B) Wednesday's level will have increased dramatically!!!! Fingers incredibly tightly crossed...

Hopefully some more much needed info from the hospital will help deal with the conflict of anxiety, excitement, fear of bad news, hoping for the absolute best that we dealt with before.

Will keep you all posted......


  1. best of luck guys
    my thoughts are with you

  2. We will be thinking good thoughts for you guys! The communication element of long-distance surrogacy is difficult...but don't be shy about bugging your doctors/clinics for information to help you feel assured. It's YOUR pregnancy!
    Keep us posted.

  3. Thanks Guys! Forgot to say a big congrats to George on Eros and Elektra, very cool names!! love seeing the pics...making me very broody! Edward, keep up your posts as their great to read, definitely kept us going in the last few months...roll on wednesday!

  4. Great news! Best of luck, boys.

  5. Hoping this is a positive for you....

    Wishing you the best!!

  6. So happy for you guys.

    Why being British do you have to have a single or widowed SM?

    Best of luck. x

  7. Congratulations guys!!! Hope all goes well, we will keep our fingers crossed for you!!!

  8. Hey guys
    Keep in mind even if you were in the West at this stage of a pregnancy the information would be very sparse as well. Only when a heartbeat is confirmed can a pregnancy be confirmed as viable and sustaining. Prior to this it's a nerve-wrecking waiting game regardless of where you are.
    Hang in there. A little Stoli helps too!

  9. Adam & Michael, Congrats and I pray that everything works out for you guys! I've been following your journey with interest as we love Bangkok and if we decide to use an egg donor, Thailand would be a great option for us to consider. I would love to converse with you via email so would you mind shooting me a quick email at kyrawen at gmail dot com. Thanks!