Monday, 12 July 2010

Good news and bad news...

We had an email this morning to say that the hCG level was tested yesterday and is 1014 (last test was 412.3 on Friday) so this is a fairly strong increase which we were hugely excited about.

However, the SM also had an ultrasound last night but it shows no gestational sac. Looking at dates, the SM is 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant, and good old Doctor Google says that the gestational sac might not be visible until 5 weeks and 4/5 days, with the hCG level being at least 1100.

We are short of this is both areas (hCG level and length of pregnancy) so the Doctor has arranged another test and scan for Saturday 17th.

It's such an emotional dilemma, but we just have to passionately hope that the hCG level is too low and that the SM needs a few more days of pregnancy to actually see a gestational sac. Or we might be blindly ignoring the real fact that this isn't looking too good. Either way, we know that Saturday will bring a more definitive answer, and just hope and pray that everything's ok.

It's going to be a long 5 days until then...


  1. hang in there guys, my first scan showed 1 sac then a few weeks later, actually on christmas day i received a call "Merry Christmas you are having twins!"

    in my thoughts

  2. It's hard to be optimistic, we just had a single sentence update from the Doctor in Thailand saying 'it's not looking good'. So disappointing, only Saturday will give us something conclusive...

  3. Hi Guys

    Are you sure the doctor is saying gestational sac and does not mean yolk sac? G sac should be obvious by now, but not the yolk sac. Other thing is, are they using transvaginal U/sound or abdominal, as abdominal wouldn't show much at all. At 6 weeks you'd want to be seeing a fetal pole and hopefully a heartbeat.

    I wish you were getting better information. Can't you phone the doctor and ask directly? It could be poor communication across cultures and miles.

    Take comfort in the fact that your beta number is doing what it is meant to be and doing it well.

    But do demand some proper and timely answers.

  4. I think Amani is right.
    In one of our pregnancies, we had a gestational sac and no yolk sac at 5 weeks and I was convinced we were in trouble. But alas, the next scan showed the yolk AND a heartbeat at 6 weeks. There are just too many variables this early to be certain about anything....and Dr. Google tends to direct you to the worst case. Try to stay positive and don't be shy about asking for more info from your doctor/clinic. We're pulling for you!!! Best wishes.

  5. Thanks for your support guys, but it showed no gestational sac or yolk sac so we're fearing the worst. Our SM was either 5 weeks on Monday or 5 + 1. We are not too sure when her period was. We're hoping that one has implanted late and hopefully be seen on the next scan on saturday. She had a trans-vaginal scan, but with a beta of 1014 we don't know if this is too early to detect?? The hCG is rising now correctly, but it just says "no intrauterine sac"......quite sad at the minute :( Our MD is crap and only speaks Thai, our main agent only speaks some Thai and barely answers our emails....all very frustrating and disappointing.

  6. Guys, stay positive. The beta level sounds a little too high for a chemical pregnancy. There is something definately going on so please remain hopeful.

  7. Really rooting for you guys. Hang in there. Sounds like everyone has some great input here. Try to stay positive...thinking good thoughts.

  8. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts, comments and positive energy, it is great to discuss what's happening with others', rather than me and Adam singularly driving each other mad with anxiety. Much appreciated, will keep you posted come Saturday....