Friday, 9 July 2010

In for a very tense weekend of waiting...

On a bit of a downer today, the SM had her first blood test last Friday and her first hCG level was 133 for 10 days post transfer. We were very positive about this as the previous SM's first test result was 70 and it doubled before we were told the bad news.

The agency in Bangkok dealing with the hospital are absolutely useless. We had to push them to make sure she had another test today as they had not informed us of any more that had been scheduled. (The agent used to have a great Thai assistant who was on top of everything, but she is on leave, now it's a total shambles and I even had to explain to the agency manager what hCG levels are and what they mean, I was shocked he didn't know!!!)

Today's result was 412.3 after a week. Because the hospital/agency tell you nothing, it feels like we have to google most things, and the general 'web consensus' seems to be that the level should increase double every 2 days. It's certainly not the rise we hoped for, and seems to have risen 40% every 2-3 days rather than 60%... I'm no doctor or mathematician but we're not sure that these numbers are at all encouraging...

Her next test is on Monday, and now we have a very anxious weekend to see what the next reading is. It's so hard trying to remain optimistic and positive when any information we find suggests that this is not a good sign. Deep sigh...

Suppose we have to be as strong and practical as possible. If anyone has any thoughts, please do share them! Please don't feel you have to be positive-only, anyone's thoughts about what's happening hCG level-wise would really be appreciated!!!


  1. usually HCG is measured 12-14 days after implantation, not 10 days. is that a typo or miscommunication with your agency? if not then you are at 17 days post transfer, correct? if that is the case you are in good shape and just need to be patient until the sac/heartbeat scan in a few weeks which will definitively confirm a viable pregnancy... it's frustrating but your anxiety is the same regardless of which country you are in; beta levels are a guide but not conclusive by any means.

    hang in there

  2. ps

    congratulations - unless you are told otherwise you guys are officially pregnant!

  3. Hey Jon

    Many thanks....were just so nervous this time, its consuming us!
    Dr Google isn't giving us the answers we want to hear!

    Well we transferred on the 22nd June 3 5 Day Blasts, the pregnancy test was then done earlier as the hospital were busy (no idea why) on the 2nd July...10 days later, and now 7 days later, we've had the second test....very confusing!! we now just need to hang out till monday to confirm the continual rise. :( Long weekend ahead!

    Thanks for your advice, much appreciated

  4. Congratulations on getting a good beta. Having gone through 5 miscarriages, I have spent hours and hours researching betas and as far as I can tell, the numbers are all over the place especially in the case of IVF procedures where they transfer more than one embryo. It is very possible that more than one embryo implanted and one did not make it which is why the doubling is not consistent. Wishing you tons of baby dust from Alaska.


  5. Hang in there guys. You ARE pregnant unless there's a reason to know otherwise. Dr. Google is an evil b*tch don't put too much value on what you find online. We've ALL done that and made ourselves nutty with fear. Do what you can to relax and soon enough, you'll be celebrating with more confidence....and then the waiting continues. It's a long road...remember to breathe! Go see a good movie and enjoy each others company. Best!!!!

  6. I don't know what to say, but that I'm thinking about you two and following your journey.

  7. Try not to worry too much (although easier said than done). We are praying for you guys.

  8. Hi Guys,
    I recently discovered your blog. I'm a 45 y.o gay male in Sydney who is also embarking on surrogacy in Thailand. The timeline is for an embryo transfer in August. I will be following your story avidly!