Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Final Countdown...

Where on earth has the last 35-ish weeks gone?

We are in a final few days of preparation before we head to Delhi. We both planned to travel together (of course) on Tuesday 12th from Italy arriving in Delhi about 11:30pm so arriving at our accommodation in the very early hours of the 13th. Unfortunately, one of us has to go the very long way round, Italy to China, quick work meeting then China to Delhi (talk about 'popping into the office') but we'll both arrive within hours of each other.

Dr Shivani is planning to perform a membrane sweep on the 13th July, we will then be meeting Dr Shivani at 7pm on the 13th for an update. Our SM will be given 2 days from then to see if she goes into natural labour, then if not she will be taken to hospital to be induced. So it looks like fatherhood is little over a week away!

With all our baby shopping, we have tried to be as neutral as possible, but (maybe we are just shopping in the wrong cities) there is a massive void in the neutral department, everything is either solidly blue/boy or pink/girl... getting all our clothes out we did realize that much of the neutral still falls on a slightly boyish side, and we have a complete void of especially girly clothes. So yesterday we did a bit of top-up-girl-shopping so we are prepared to have some lovely clothes whatever the sex (and huge surprise) we get in Delhi.

In the mean time, we are playing what seem silly games on the 'boy or girl' front. We have decided the name for him or her already. When we are out, we might hear a song mentioning the girl's name and get excited thinking 'it's a sign!!!!!'. But then we will quickly spot or hear something with the boy's name, and we realize we are just being plain stupid.

So not it looks like it is time to start packing, this is one scenario where we definitely won't be doing our last minute packing shouting 'the taxi will be here in half an hour!!!!!'

So now, we just hope and pray that the next week brings a safe, healthy birth for our baby and simply wonderful god-sent SM.


  1. Godspeed boys! It's been a long journey but it is about to be worth it! Can't wait to see pics of him/her!

  2. Oh my one week! Time has flown. So excited for you guys. Keep us posted!

  3. I can't wait to hear the good news! Safe journey!!

  4. So close now!!! I'm excited for you guys!

    The name game thing is happening to me too... and they're not exactly common names. The universe needs to stop playing with my head!

    Can't wait to read the updates and see the pictures from Delhi :)

  5. did i blink and miss nearly 1 year? lol
    GAWD where did all that time go?

    im so so sooooo happy for you guys
    may your future as a family be full of love and joy


    PS: give Shivani and Shilpi a big hug for me :)

  6. travel safe and try to get some rest...you'll most likely need it. can't wait to see pics and hear all the stories...take care guys1

  7. Oh it's so exciting!!! We will see you in Delhi! Email me if you can and we can share contact details. Safe travels!!!!!

  8. Thank you all for your lovely comments as always :) Yes can't believe a whole year as gone, it would have been 2 years this august that we decided to go ahead with surrogacy, and thats flown by! Yup, watch this space for baby pics and last minute nerves to set in! Kerrie and Mark i'll drop you an email with contacts :)

  9. Time has flown by!! Wishing you guys the best in this part of your journey.....The most momentous joy of becoming daddies!!

  10. Will be watching and waiting. No you're not shopping in the wrong cities. There is next to none gender neutral baby stuff anywhere. :( we just bought some of each and kept the price tags on.

    How exciting you both and Kerrie!!!!

    Safe travels. Wish us luck we are travelling with a toddler.8)