Thursday, 14 July 2011

Final Scan Pic...

As much as we'd be liking to show you a photo of our baby outside the womb, here's a lovely pic that the hospital have just sent us from this morning's scan. He/she is looking quite peaceful and relaxed to us, not showing any expression of any desire to leave the comfort of where they are right now...


  1. Gorgeous!! Can't wait to see you kissing those chubby little cheeks in the very near future :). SJ & B xx

  2. I know, it's hard to spot the eyes, nose and mouth given all the attention those chubby cheeky cheeks are commanding!!!!!

  3. I agree about the cheeks lol

    Looks like a cute little girl to me!!!

    (I'm always wrong about these things)...

  4. BEAUTIFUL!! He or she looks so peaceful. I'm so excited for you!!