Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Watch this space for just a little longer...

We both arrived in Delhi very late on Tuesday night and got to our accommodation a little past 1am Wednesday morning. We met with Dr Shivani this evening (loving the new offices btw!!!) Our SM had a membrane sweep this morning, so anything can (or might not) happen in the coming hours/days.

If nothing happens within 2 days, on Friday morning our SM will be given the gel/medical induction, and if nothing still happens quickly enough, we're looking at C-section Saturday or Sunday at the latest.

Our last trip to Delhi was incredibly short and we didn't really have much time to get a feel for the place (half the trip was spent on the journey to and from Agra). We took a quick trip to M-Block Market this morning, pleasantly surprised with the quality and price of the baby goods on offer, and to us, the products in Mothercare are really rather nice, no different from back home. The prices are almost like-for-like compared to Mothercare in Europe which is good.

So unless our SM goes into spontaneous labour, our next update will be after meeting her tomorrow lunchtime and seeing the final ultrasound before the birth. We had Thursday or Friday in our minds as the predicted day of our babies birth, but whats a couple more days of waiting on a journey as exciting as this one?


  1. Good Luck guys and Enjoy!! This moment will be gone before you know it.

  2. We're standing by for your news and wishing you all the goodness that is coming your way!!!!
    I can't believe how excited I am for you guys...update a lot!!!
    P.S. If you have some time, go to the Akshardham temple for a few hours or longer if you can's one the most beautiful places we visited. And P.P.S. If you see Rahul, send him our best regards!!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. Thanks guys! We feel like kids waiting for Santa to come and day now!!!! We're both so nervously excited. Will definitely visit Akshardham Temple and pass on your regards to Rahul when we next see him. (We had a hilarious conversation with him this evening, he was asking if we're here for our baby, if we need to go to Mothercare etc, then did make a point of advising us 'No Wife, No Life'.... we should have girlfriends, they're great and he's got four!!!!!!)

  4. Best Wishes!! Will being checking in for progress reports :) such an exciting time. SJ & B xx

  5. We are so excited for you both!

  6. Hey guys! We are thinking about you all in Delhi. If you need any Delhi advice while you're waiting, or after the bundle of joy arrives, do let us know. We can point you in the right direction for whatever you need to find.

  7. Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!! We're all hanging out to get the exciting news!!!!

    Meg xxx

    (I still say girl)

  8. Well you guys deserve every ounce of excitement after your wait. My goodness just days away and you'll have a little bundle of joy in your arms. I just can't stand it. Have fun over the next few days enjoying Delhi. And I know what you mean about the journey to Agra. It's nothing short of a journey!!! But we loved every minute of it. Take care.